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Preserves by extracting air after decanting

VinoDeCanto is a revolutionary simple wine preservation solution. With its unique patented valve system, wine can be dispensed by the glass without air contacting the rest of the wine, preserving by removing the air after a bottle is decanted.

Pour a glass when you like, no more waste

Its A WORLD FIRST... a re-useable preserving wine decanter. VinoDeCanto is a unique natural mechanical system, NO preservatives, gasses or vacuum pumps that suck out aromas and alcohol... preventing oxidisation even while pouring a glass!

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Now you can sell a glass or two of an expensive premium wine over a period of time without deterioration. Serve premium wine by the glass!

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Now you can have a glass or two and save the rest over a period of time without deterioration. Drink premium wine by the glass!

Wine Saving Decanter + Aerator


To dispence a glass of wine, simply place your hand on the top and gently push down to pump the wine up into the crystal ball valve, as it aerates and pours into the glass, air does not contact the rest of the wine.