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VinoDeCanto is a revolutionary simple wine preservation solution, it is the only known decanter with a mechanical device to separate wine from air up to 100% without the use of preservatives, gasses or vacuum pumps that suck out aromas and alcohol, the result is stopping oxidation spoiling the wine.

Longevity may vary according to the condition of individual wines, sterilization and how long the wine has already been exposed to the air.

It is widely accepted that exposing a wine to the air for 15 minutes and longer, is enough for it to “breathe”, change its aroma and flavour profile. Leaving wine in an opened bottle constantly exposed to the air will continue to oxidise, over time spoiling and changing the taste to being undrinkable.

VinoDeCanto prevents wine from oxidising and spoiling by simply keeping the wine from being over-exposed to air. The unique patented system with its non-return valve allows wine to be dispensed from the decanter without exposing the remaining wine to the air.

It is always thought provoking when opening a quality bottle of wine, that the wine must be consumed before it goes off from oxidisation.

Imagine the opportunities of preserving wine from an opened bottle. Now you can confidently decide to just taste, or serve only one or two glasses and preserve the rest as if left in an unopened bottle. VinoDeCanto also gives you the opportunity to enjoy different wines at one tasting without fear of spoiling or wastage. Enjoying just a glass of wine at your convenience also promotes responsible drinking.VDC x9 pack strap


Because VinoDeCanto is a natural mechanical technique that does not use gas or a vacuum to preserve wine, it can be used time and time again with no ongoing costs.

Capacity up to 1 ltr
Width:                  110mm
Hight closed:         255mm
Hight extended:    400mm
Beaker size:          98 x 170mm
1 x Box                 130 x 135 x 280mm
3 x Shipper box     295 x 150 x 400mm

                PATENTS PENDING

It is advisable to practice a few times with water first to familiarise with the correct pressure needed for aeration.




Now you can sell a glass or two of an expensive premium wine over a period of time without deterioration. Serve premium wine by the glass!



Ideal for wine tasting premium wines, minimising waste. Use as a value add offer to volume purchases of premium wine.

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Now you can have a glass or two and save the rest over a period of time without deterioration. Drink premium wine by the glass!

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Sample your collection without having to consume the whole bottle. Pour a glass or two... save the rest without deterioration.