VinoDeCanto  How it works

At last a wine saver that actually works

VinoDeCanto works by expelling air from the decanter, preventing the wine from oxidizing. Because of the unique patented valve system wine can be dispensed by the glass without air contacting the wine.

  • Enjoy wine by the glass
  • Offer different wines with a meal
  • Test a wine for ageing
  • Encorages responsible drinking
  • No waste from over oxidisation
  • Saves money

This unique natural system is without the use of preservatives, gasses or vacuum pumps that suck out aromas and alcohol... Preserving because there is no air contacting the wine, No oxidisation or aroma and alcohol evaporation,

Longevity may vary according to the condition of individual wines.

It is advisable to practice a few times with water first to familiarise with the correct pressure needed for aeration.


NOTE: THIS DISPENCER IS A PUMP, NOT A TAP OR POURER, wine will be dispenced according to the pressure YOU apply on the plunger. Practice is recommended with water to familiarise yourself with the correct pressure to airate the wine while dispensing and pouring a glass.

STERILIZATION: Preserving your wine for longer periods more than a few days or so, then consider sterilising your decanto. Any container has the potential to harbour bacteria which will contaminate your wine. Rinsing in boiling water or chemicals such as Starsan or Milton from home brewing shops will do the trick.


VinoDeCanto works on any liquid that will oxidise with contact to the air.
White wines Ports and Spirits will also last longer and taste better.

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Instruction screen 1b
Remove the acrylic cap,
ball and plunger
Instruction screen 2b
Pour your wine slowly into
the beaker and assemble
Instruction screen 3b
Replace the ball and cap,
and you are ready to pour


Carefully remove from the packaging and dismantle. We recommend washing thoroughly before use as a precaution to prevent wine contamination. Wash the seals and cap in clean water, the plunger and beaker are dishwasher safe.

1. Remove the acrylic cap - unscrew anticlockwise, remove the transport packing, then remove the ball valve.
2. To remove the lid and plunger - take a firm grip of the spout and lid, pull upwards and to the side to break any vacume, lifting it out of the beaker.

1. Pour your wine slowly into the beaker keeping aeration to a minimum.
2. Place the red plunger seal on the plunger correct way up (if it had been removed) and carefully slide the plunger assembly unit  into the beaker, carefully sliding the lid in the top of the beaker to support the plunger assembly.
3. Position the ball in the valve and replace the acrylic screw cap.
4. If you have the Locking Cap version, unscrew the cap 1/2 to 1 turn before placing your hand on the cap and then push down to expel all the air from the beaker. Be prepared for wine to immediately pour after the air is expelled.
1. After use, the ball valve can be rinsed with fresh water.
2. Unscrew and remove the cap, rinse under running water.
3. Hold the cap upside down with your finger blocking the air vent on the bottom and fill with water.
4. With a glass under the spout, carefully pour the fresh water over the ball rinsing the ball valve and spout.

VinoDeCanto, manufactures and resellers will not be held responsible or liable for any misuse damage or accident from operation of this unit. Longevity of the wine in the VinoDeCanto may vary according to condition of individual wines.